Mindsets Is Key To Pull-in The Project Schedule

Regarding the project schedule, another article talks about ”How to shorten the project schedule?”. In this article, I’d like to share some mindsets that will help you get going.

1. Respect the team members

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If you are quick to express doubt about your team-members determination, you could tell them that you don’t respect their knowledge and experience. Sometimes, they expose the typical case and the related risks in the process, but it may not have satisfied your expectation. As a project manager, it’s better to consider every perspective and evaluate the different scenarios. Even though you want to think out of the box, it does not mean you can deny a team member’s determination. Don’t judge their mind easily, or you will lose the teamwork quickly.

2. Exert your influence

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I believe that sometimes the original schedule would frustrate you a lot. I recommend you exert your influence on the project team members instead of simply challenging them. There are so many things you can do. For instance, we all understand that the final goal is to shorten the duration, but selecting a constructive way is better. As a project manager, it’s your time to contribute value to the project team and lead everyone to the solutions. You have to work closely with your team members but not just escalate these issues to top managers. As a professional project manager, you could influence the project team to get a better schedule.

3. Benchmark the relevant experience

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Trust me that you are not alone! When your team suffers these issues, you can consult these problems with your peers. It is the journey to achieve a better schedule, and sorry that you cannot skip this process. From my experience, if I do not have the relevant experience and our team members do not have good ideas, I would benchmark the pertinent expertise to brainstorm alternative ways. Luckily, there are other 15 peers like me as a project manager, I would share my problems with them, and then they always would share the valuable experience with me. So, I recommend you enjoy the process and benchmark the relevant experience. Eventually, you would solve these issues and learn more knowledge.

4. Be patient

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Most problems worldwide would not be solved immediately. Whether you are eager to fix the issues, it needs time to go through the process for a better result. You must be patient with the process from the fuzzy stage to the final step.

5. Be thankful

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I agreed with this sentence “there is always something to be thankful for.” Whatever the result does meet your expectation, your team have done their best to execute every step. Rather than suffering the pressure from yourself, you could be more positive by observing the overall journey. You would receive more gifts than your plan.

According to experience, the project manager is the key person to lead the project team to overcome complex challenges. Before anything, I highly recommend everyone strengthen their mindsets. These five mindsets, as mentioned above, are summarized from my own experience, and I hope this article can help you become more solid and professional.

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