Three Must-Know Time Concepts In Business Presentation

Are you struggling with business presentations? Do you know how to prepare a business presentation efficiently? Regarding time, do you know how important it is, and what are the considerations for dealing with time?

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Here are three concepts for managing your time when considering business presentations. The first concept is preparation time, and the second is briefing time. And the final concept is the critical audience’s time preception. Because time is the limitation of the briefing, always find out how much available time you have to consider key points and supporting information.

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Many people struggle with preparing their business presentations, and many books and articles have taught the relevant skills. I recommend that you focus on these three concepts during this process. Also, I will share my hands-on experience with these steps.

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We can divide the process into three phases. The preparation time is from the basic setting of this presentation to making the material slides. Moreover, we can take care of the briefing time concept and the critical audience’s time perception during the presentation.

Concept 1. Preparation time

Consider how much time you will have available when considering the amount of material that you will cover. You may have to prioritize critical concepts and points to ensure that your presentation is not only timely but also well organized and informative.

Basic Setting

The first step in the preparation phase is understanding the background, the purposes, who will be joining the meeting, and the target you want to achieve after the presentation. The more detailed information you set up for the briefing, the more directional it will be towards your preparation.

Collect Data

The second step is to collect data based on the basic setting. So, you must manage and understand the critical perception of your target audience.

Find Insights

In this step, you can organize and filter the collected data to generate insights for this topic.

Make Slides

Help them visualize the essential information through data points or graphs. It can also help organize complicated details in the audience’s mind. And then, you can make the architecture of the presentation slides.

Concept 2. Briefing Time

At this phase, it is best to prepare three versions so that you will be prepared for any surprises that might affect the length of your presentation. In the future, after you have designed it in this way, you will always be prepared to make adjustments without any worries.

After clarifying the length of time you will be given, prepare a well-timed delivery that fits these criteria. What if something happens and your time is cut short? Prepare a shortened version in case this situation occurs. A basic rule is to cut the length by 30%. What if you are given extra time because a lot interest is shown? Prepare a third version that includes indexed supported information.

Concept 3. Key Audiance’s Time Perception

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When considering your timing, the basic speed rule when delivering a presentation is between 125 to 150 words per minute. The crucial deciding factor here should be  how your audience feels during the delivery.

Have they just had a big lunch or an exhausting day? Are they generally bored or excited with this information? Consider the visualization advice; if your audience is tired, you may have to match their speed and cut straight to the key points. If your audience is energized, you can lay it all out for them at an energetic pace.

Key Takeaway

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The primary difference between a business presentation and public speaking is that the position of critical audiences are generally higher than you.They could interrupt you at anytime if they lose their attention and interest.  Therefore, you must prepare your presentation well, and this article offers an organized way to prepare a concise business presentation.

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